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Service Directory

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Please find below a list services provided by the City of Janesville. If you have a question about one of these services, please use the contact information provided to contact a staff member.
Assessments, Open Book and RevaluationAssessor Division(608) 755-3045
Budget and Financial ReportingFinance Division(608) 755-3037
ElectionsClerk-Treasurer's Office(608) 755-3070
Fair Housing (608) 755-3065
LicensesClerk-Treasurer's Office(608) 755-3073
Tax BillingClerk-Treasurer's Office(608) 755-3070
Utility BillingClerk-Treasurer's Office(608) 755-3090
Ambulance, EMS & Fire ServicesDepartmentsPhone
Ambulance BillingFire Department(800) 244-2345
Carseat Inspection EventsFire Department(608) 921-3786
Fire Inspections and PreventionFire Department(608) 755-3056
Building, Construction Planning & RemodelingDepartmentsPhone
Building, Construction Remodeling & Permit QuestionsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3060
Comprehensive Plan & DocumentsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3085
Sign Permits & Regulations Public Works Department(608) 755-3060
Zoning Regulations & Rezoning ProcessPublic Works Department(608) 755-3085
Bus/Transit ServiceDepartmentsPhone
Bus Routes (Beloit-Janesville Express, Regular, Nightside)Neighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3150
Disabled/Paratransit TransportationNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3150
School TransportationNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3150
Fire RecruitmentFire Department(608) 755-3051
Job Application Request & Seasonal EmploymentHuman Resources Office(608) 755-3080
Police RecruitmentPolice Department(608) 755-3133
Housing Programs/ResourcesDepartmentsPhone
Housing Loan Programs & Home Buyer WorkshopsNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3065
Rent AssistanceNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3065
Ordinance Violations/RegulationsDepartmentsPhone
Animal/Pet Regulations & Curfew OrdinancePolice Department(608) 755-3055
Chronic Nuisance OrdinancePolice Department(608) 755-3055
Citations and TicketsPolice Department(608) 755-3100
Courts & Cases and Worthless ChecksAttorney's Office(608) 755-3155
Property Maintenance ViolationsNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3065
Vacant Building (608) 373-6058
Parks & RecreationDepartmentsPhone
Aquatics/Pools: Events, Fees, Hours & LessonsNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3031
Bicycle TrailsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3025
Golf Course Events, Fees, Hours,Jr. Golf, Locations, & Tee TimesGolf Courses(608) 757-3080
Ice Arena Activities, Fees, Hours & ProgramsNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3015
Oak Hill Cemetery Decorations, Fees, Hours, & RegulationsPublic Works Department(608) 754-4030
Park Amenities, Locations, Projects, Reservations & RulesPublic Works Department(608) 755-3025
Recreation Camps, Events, Leagues, Programs, Neighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3013
Senior Center Activities, Memberships, Rentals & TripsNeighborhood & Community Services Department(608) 755-3040
Volunteering in Parks or TrailsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3026
Sidewalks & StreetsDepartmentsPhone
Pothole Patching RequestPublic Works Department(608) 755-3110
Report a Traffic Signal or Street Light OutagePublic Works Department(608) 755-3110
RoundaboutsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3171
Sidewalk Construction & ReplacementPublic Works Department(608) 755-3171
Street Cleaning/SweepingPublic Works Department(608) 755-3110
Street Construction, RepairsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3160
Trash, Recycling & Sanitary LandfillDepartmentsPhone
Compost Site, Demolition Landfill, Holiday Waste, Trash Collection, Landfill Fees & Regulations & Yard WastePublic Works Department(608) 755-3110
Recycling: Curbside & Drop Off; Electronic Waste; Flourescent Lights; Hazardous & Medical Waste; Oil Filter/Absorbent; & Plastic BagPublic Works Department(608) 755-3110
Water & Wastewater UtilitiesDepartmentsPhone
Stormwater/Greenbelt ProjectsPublic Works Department(608) 755-3160
Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Facilities, Reports, ToursPublic Works Department(608) 755-3120
Water Utility Conservation, Facilities, History, Reports, Service/Maintenance & QualityPublic Works Department(608) 755-3115