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Your Tax Dollars at Work

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Your Tax Bill: Four Different Jurisdictions 

Your property tax bill adds together the tax levy of five different taxing jurisdictions. These taxing jurisdictions are  the City of Janesville (including Hedberg Public Library), the Janesville School District, Rock County, and Blackhawk Technical College. Instead of requiring that you pay separate bills to each governmental unit, the levies from all four are combined into one bill for your convenience. After you pay your property tax bill, the money is divided and each taxing jurisdiction receives its share. The distribution of property taxes by jurisdiction can be found below:
  • City of Janesville = 36%
  • Janesville School District = 32%
  • Rock County = 27%
  • Blackhawk Technical College = 5%
Your 2019 City of Janesville Tax Dollars: Where does your money go?
Each year when you receive your property tax bill, you may question where your tax dollars go. The following information will assist you in understanding what services are provided to you with your City of Janesville tax dollars.

Costs shown are based on an $122,900 home, which is the average assessed value of Janesville homes. This home would pay $1,106.85, excluding Tax Increment Financing costs, for its City of Janesville services. These figures are based on the adopted 2019 City of Janesville budget and include debt services.

Consolidated Tax Breakdown 2019_Page_1

2019 Dollar Bill Chart