Audit Committee

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The Audit Committee's purpose is to assist the City Council as a whole in discharging its responsibilities for the overall stewardship of the City’s financial affairs.

Desirable Characteristics and Qualifications for Committee Members (per staff liaison)

  • Certified Public Account (CPA) preferred.
  • Background in municipal or governmental finance/accounting preferred.
  • Excellent judgement, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
Number of Members  5 Members:
Council Members (3)
Citizen Members (2)

Margot Cowan

Bruce Hamilton

Jim Farrell, Councilmember

Doug Marklein, Councilmember

Tom Wolfe, Councilmember

Term of Office Council Members (1 year)
Citizen Member (3 years)
Commencement of Term First Monday of May each year
Appointment by Whom Council Members by Council President
Citizen Member by City Manager
The City Manager will take into consideration
the recommendations of the Advisory
Committee on Appointments when appointing
citizen members to this committee.
Approval or Confirmation by Common Council
Residency Requirements of Citizen Members  Council Policy 90 indicates the citizen member shall have an accounting background (Certified Public Accountant preferred) and lives and/or works in Janesville.
Duties and Responsibilities

This committee shall: 1) assist with the selection of the City’s independent auditor; 2) meet with the independent auditor as needed regarding the City’s annual audit; 3) review financial information; 4) serve as a communication link between the City Council and the independent auditor; 5) provide a forum for discussing questions or concerns regarding financial reporting; 6) present annually a written report.

To What Authority Do They Report Council President and City Manager
When Meetings are Held As needed
Who Calls Meetings Chairperson
Responsibility for Minutes Finance Office
Location of Filed Minutes Finance Office