Delinquent Utility Notices

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Janesville Utilities ~ Important Information

Wisconsin State Statute 66.0809 and Janesville Ordinance 13.10.090 and 8.64.560 require that a notice shall be given to property owners by October 15th each year listing all Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Sanitation charges that are in arrears as of October 1st of that year.

The City of Janesville sends delinquency notices to property owners twice per year.  Reminder notices are mailed to owners in late Spring; delinquency notices are mailed in October.

Any amounts in arrears that are not paid by November 1st will have 10% added thereto; and if such arrears with penalty are not paid by November 15th, the same will be levied against the lot or parcel of real estate and will be included on the statement of Real Estate Taxes as required by law.

Tenants: Pay delinquent utility charges directly to the property owner.
Landlords: Pay your real estate tax bill which includes the delinquent utility charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive this notice? There are delinquent utility charges at this property address that are delinquent as of October 1st.

Why didn’t my tenant pay their utility bill? We suggest that you contact your tenant directly as to why the bill(s) were not paid.

When am I assessed a 10% penalty? All noticed accounts that have not been paid by November 1st will be charged a 10% penalty on November 2nd.

When is the last day I can pay the delinquent charges before it appears on my real estate tax bill? November 15th. Delinquent utility bills and penalties that are not paid by November 15th will appear on the real estate tax bill.

I will pay my delinquent utility bill November 16th or later. Who should I pay it to? After November 15th delinquent utility bills should be paid to the Rock County Treasurer.

I paid my delinquent utility bill November 16th or later. Will the delinquent amount still appear on my real estate tax bill? Anything paid after November 15th will appear on the tax bill, even though it is paid. We will transfer the funds for any payment received from November 16 to December 3 to the Rock County Treasurer to pay that portion of the tax bill.

Will my water be turned off? No, your water will be not turned off. Delinquent amounts are put on the property owner’s real estate tax bill.

For more information, please call 608-755-3090, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.