Water Meters

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Inoperable Water Meter
When a utility-owned meter is leaking, broken, noisy, or inoperative, the Water Utility will replace it with an operating meter at no charge. Call the Water Utility during office hours (Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

After hours, call the 24-Hour Emergency Number (755-6375).

Meter Reading
City Water Utility personnel read meters quarterly for billing purposes. The customer can call in meter readings for final billings by contacting the Utility Billing Office (755-3090).

Clear Water Meter Program
The City offers the Clear Water Meter Program to residents who wish to receive a credit for outside water usage.  Outside water usage is basically water dispensed from outside hose bibs (i.e. sprinkling lawns and gardens, filling swimming pools, and washing cars) and underground sprinkler systems.  Because this water is not returned to the sanitary sewer system, participants receive a deduction on the wastewater flow charges measured by their primary water meter.

The clear water meter is purchased by the property owner and installed by Utility staff to measure their outside water usage.  A permit is required for any plumbing modifications and is the responsibility of the property owner.  The property owner is also responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the clear water meter.  Any Utility service calls will be billed to the property owner.

Please see Rules of Ownership or call the Water Utility (755-3115) for more information.