Park Locations and Amenities

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Please find below the address and special features offered at each of Janesville's parks.

Regional Parks

Janesville's large Regional Parks are designed to provide recreational opportunities to all local residents and those from surrounding communities. These parks have many things to offer including large playgrounds and scenic nature trails.

Park Special Features Location Acres
Northeast Regional Park Wooded, Open Space, Nature Trail 3600 Wright Rd 87
Palmer Park Wading Pool, C.A.M.D.E.N. Playground, Sand Court Volleyball, Nature Trails, Softball, Tennis Courts, Concession Stand, Picnic Pavilions, Sledding along Edge Hill Drive, Tourist Information, Pet Exercise and Training Area, Restrooms 2501 Palmer 164
Riverside Park Baseball, Boat Launch, Sand Court Volleyball, Fishing, Softball, Play Equipment, Soccer Field, Restrooms, Pavilions, Lilac Circle, free splash pad, 3 scenic overlooks, shuffleboard courts, horseshoe courts, Devil's Staircase section of the Ice Age Trail, tennis courts, pickle ball court; 120' Pier for temporary boat mooring 2200 Parkside Dr 87
Rockport Park Picturesque XC Trails, Outdoor Pool, Concession Stand,
Peace Park Playground and Pavilion , Soccer Field, Restrooms, Paved Trail, Historic Farmstead
2801 Rockport Rd 246

Community Parks

Janesville is home to several large Community Parks. These parks are designed to serve residents within a radius of a few miles. The size of these excellent parks allows them the space to offer a wide variety of recreational opportunities to residents.

Park Special Features Location Acres
Bond Park Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Play Equipment, Pavilion, Restrooms, Carrie Jacobs Bond memorial 201 N Oakhill 12
Kiwanis Community Park Playground Structure, Two Small Pavilions, Soccer, Softball 2501 N Pontiac 9
Lustig Park Disc Golf, Fishing, Restrooms, Pavilion 1500 River View Dr 32
Monterey Park River Setting, Basketball, Fishing, Softball, Football, Paved Trail, Restrooms 501 Rockport 42
Optimist Community Park Hiking Trail, Prairie Remnants 4201 Ruger 35
Traxler Park Boat Launches, Fishing, Sand Court Volleyball, Play Equipment, Pavilions, Restrooms, Veterans Memorial Plaza, Rock Aqua Jays 600 N. Main Street 27

Neighborhood Parks

Janesville's numerous Neighborhood Parks are located throughout the city and are designed to service the individual neighborhoods in which they are located. Neighborhood Parks help to ensure that nearly all Janesville residents live within walking distance of at least one of our excellent park facilities. All neighborhood parks except Courthouse Park, Jeffris Park, and Parker Park have playground equipment.

Park Special Features Location Acres
Adams Park Playground 430 Caroline 1
Ardon Park Sledding Hill 2201 Refset 4
Briarcrest Park Trail 3300 Amhurst Road 6
Burbank Park Open Space 440 Burbank 2
Claremont Park Playground 1140 N. Pontiac 3
Courthouse Park Amphitheater 51 S. Main 3
Excalibur Park Soccer 1816 LaMancha 1
Fourth Ward Park Open Space 410 W. Racine 2
Hampshire Park Ball Field 3310 Hampshire Rd 3
Harmony Grove Park Playground, Basketball Hoop 1200 Shade Tree Ln 8
Hawthorne Park Ball Field 1900 Hawthorne 5
Holiday Park Basketball Hoop 1540 Barberry 2
Huron Park Playground 84 N. Huron 2
Jefferson Park Ball Field 212 S. Atwood 2
Jeffris Park Stream and River 850 Beloit Ave 17
Loch Lomond Park Soccer, Ball Field 3400 Balmoral 6
Mandale Park Ball Field 1501 Ontario 3
Marquette Park Open Space 1221 Marquette 11
Nantucket Park Basketball Court 1028 Nantucket 4
Parker Park Pathway, flowers 805 E Court 1
Peace Park Large Playground, Pavilion 2801 Rockport Rd 6
Pershing Park Playground 1720 S Crosby 2
Prairie Park   847 Prairie 1
Ruger Park Playground 101 Apache 2
Rushmore Park Playground 2012 Wolcott 1
Sherwood Park Open Space 1423 Royal Oaks Dr 4
Southgate Park   2200 S Pearl 2
Valley Park Ball Field 2310 Pioneer Rd 4
Vista Park Mature Woods 1110 Vista 1
Washington Park

Playground, Basketball Hoop,

small pavilion

431 N Washington 1
Waveland Park Ball Field 234 N Waveland 3
Woodcrest Park Ball Field, Trail 4100 Woodcrest Dr 7
Zonta Park Playground 1811 Mayfair 1