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New Sidewalk Program

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There are four classifications for sidewalks that do not currently exist:

  • Planned, City Funded Sidewalk:  New sidewalks required for any new developments approved before October 1, 2015 pre-paid by the developer when the land was sub-divided.
  • Planned, Unfunded Sidewalk:  By direction of the City Council, new sidewalks are required for installation as delineated on the Pedestrian Transportation Corridor Plan (PTCP) Map.
  • Unplanned, Unfunded Sidewalk:  These properties may be subject to new sidewalk requirements in the future as determined by the PTCP or construction of these sidewalks may be requested by petition procedures outlined in Council Policy No. 70.
  • Planned, Non-City Funded Sidewalk:  In new developments defined by plats, certified survey maps, and memorandums of understanding (MOU) approved after October 1, 2015, installation of new sidewalk is required prior to occupancy of the property.

Planned, Funded Sidewalk

From 2005 until October 1, 2015 Janesville City Ordinances required that new sidewalk for any new plat, certified survey, or other division of land, or subdivision be funded, as a condition of approval, by the sub-divider or other interested person.

Funded sidewalk installation is required for affected parcels in accordance with the following:

1) Sidewalk installation must be completed within 12 months of the issuance of the Final Occupancy Permit for a given parcel.

2) In the event that 80% or more of the parcels, per side of street, within a block are developed, the remaining sidewalk shall be installed.

The Pedestrian Transportation Corridor Plan (PTCP) Map will allow property owners to determine if a property has planned City funded sidewalk.

Planned, Unfunded Sidewalk 

In the spring of 2013, the City Council approved a 3-year installation plan for unfunded sidewalk throughout the city. 2015 was the final year of this 3 year program.  The Citywide PTCP sidewalk map has been updated and is posted on the City’s website, and in the third floor lobby of City Hall.

The Pedestrian Transportation Corridor Plan (PTCP) Map will allow property owners to determine if a property has planned City funded sidewalk.

Unplanned, Unfunded Sidewalk

Properties with an Unplanned, Unfunded Sidewalk designation are not currently scheduled for new sidewalk. At a minimum, these locations are not planned for new sidewalk installation for the duration of the current PTCP. With any future revisions to the PTCP, these areas could be re-designated as Planned, Unfunded.

Planned, Non-City Funded Sidewalk

In 2015 the City Council adopted changes to the sidewalk policy that created the PTCP classification Planned, Non-City Funded Sidewalk.  This policy requires all new developments defined by plats, certified survey maps and/or memorandums of understanding to have sidewalk installed prior to occupancy of the property.  If it is winter then funds for sidewalk are required to be placed in an escrow account.



Options for Property Owners

If you receive a notice for new sidewalk installation, there are three installation options available. Please read all options including the important notes following the listed options:

Option 1: Property owners may choose to install their own sidewalk, providing installation is in accordance with City Sidewalk Specifications. Property owners must arrange for work to be completed by the deadline specified in the notice.

Option 2: Property owners can arrange for a private contractor to install their sidewalk, providing installation is in accordance with City Sidewalk Specifications. Property owners must arrange for work to be completed by the deadline specified in the notice and shall pay the private contractor directly.

Option 3: Property owners can elect to have the City install their sidewalk utilizing the City’s sidewalk contractor. An assessment rate will be calculated and provided in the notice. Once the work is completed, the cost of the installation will be assessed against the property.

Important Notes:

1) Sidewalks constructed under Option 1 or Option 2 not meeting the requirements of City Sidewalk Specifications will not be accepted by the City and will need to be replaced at property owner expense.

2) If a property owner chooses either Option 1 or Option 2 and work is not completed by the deadline specified in the notice, the City’s sidewalk contractor will be directed to complete the work. The cost of the installation, at the established assessment rate, will be assessed against the property.

3) If a property owner does not choose an installation option, the City will direct the City’s sidewalk contractor to install sidewalk. The cost of the installation, at the established assessment rate, will be assessed against the property.

4) For streets being rehabilitated or reconstructed under the WISDOT Surface Transportation Program (STP) or WISDOT Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP), property owners will not be given Option 1 or Option 2.

Assessment / Billing Information

Planned, Unfunded sidewalk installation shall be the financial responsibility of the abutting property owner.

Planned, Funded sidewalk installations have been previously funded in accordance with Janesville’s City Ordinances. The City will install funded sidewalks at no additional cost to the abutting property owner. If the property owner elects to install funded sidewalk under Option 1 or Option 2, they are eligible for reimbursement of 85% of the funded amount originally collected by the City after the successful installation of sidewalk by a private contractor.

Assessment Rates

Assessment rates for planned, unfunded new sidewalk are based on unit prices bid by the City’s sidewalk contractors. They include the removal and disposal of existing materials (i.e. sod, topsoil, conflicting shrubbery, etc.), new topsoil, and grass seeding along the new sidewalk sections.

Payment Information

A bill will be issued to property owners after sidewalk work is completed. With this bill, the property owner will be given the opportunity to select their preferred payment option.

Payment options are as follows:

1) Pay the assessment/bill in full at time of invoice

2) Include and pay for the full amount of the assessment/bill on the property tax bill, interest beginning thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice. 

3) If assessment/bill amount is more than $500, the property owner may utilize the City’s 5-year installment plan. If the 5-year installment plan is chosen, the first payment will come due at the time the property owner receives their annual tax statement. Each subsequent payment will be due when annual property taxes are due. The interest rate on the unpaid balance will be the rate established for the year the payment plan was offered.

If you have questions on bills, payment options, or funded sidewalk reimbursements please contact the Clerk-Treasurer's office at 755-3074.

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