Concealed Carry Law

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Concealed Carry Prohibited at City of Janesville Facilities

The State of Wisconsin passed 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 which is the new concealed carry law that went into effect on November 1, 2011. This law allows individuals with concealed carry permits to carry concealed weapons. There are restrictions relating to where the concealed weapons can be carried, including a prohibition in City buiildings and structures that have a sign indicating that weapons are prohibited.

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Concealed Weapons FAQs

When does the law go into effect?
The state law went into effect on November 1, 2011.

What is a weapon?
Under state law means a handgun, an electric weapon, a knife or a billy club.

Does my concealed carry weapon license permit me to carry anywhere in the City?
No, you may not carry any weapon, whether or not you have a license, into any building that has been posted with a sign prohibiting weapons. There are also certain locations where weapons are prohibited under the statute, such as police stations and courthouses, except for law enforcement personnel.

Can I carry a weapon in my vehicle?
Yes, weapons may be transported in vehicles.

Can I carry a weapon into any City Building?
No, weapons are prohibited in City buildings and structures that contain a sign prohibiting the carrying of weapons and firearms except for sworn law enforcement officers. Under state law concealed weapons are also prohibited from being carried into the police department except by sworn law enforcement officers.

Can a City employee carry a weapon while working?
No, City employees are prohibited from carrying weapons while working or in a City owned vehicle except for sworn law enforcement officers. Employees, if licensed, may carry a weapon while in their own personal vehicle.

Can I carry a weapon onto private property?

Yes, unless it is posted that weapons are prohibited.

Can I carry a weapon into a restaurant ?

This will depend on the individual restaurant owner. They may post that weapons are prohibited.

Can I carry a weapon into a tavern?

The statutes prohibit carrying a handgun in a tavern. There are some exceptions for this including law enforcement officers, private security persons meeting certain criteria, the tavern licensee, owner, or manager, or their authorized employee or agent, and persons with a concealed weapons permit that are not consuming alcohol.

Can I carry a weapon into a mall or store?

This will depend on the individual mall or store owner. They may post that weapons are prohibited.

I'm a property owner, what do I need to do to prohibit someone from carrying a weapon on my property?

If it is a single family residence you must either post your property or verbally tell anyone to not carry a weapon onto the property.  If the property is a multi-family residence the individual residence may be posted. The property owner may post that weapons are prohibited in the common areas.

Does the City have a sign available for purchase?
No; however, signs may be obtained from the City of Madison. Local signs shops may also have signs available. 

What are the requirements of the sign?
The sign must be at least 5 inches by 7 inches and indicate that weapons are prohibited on the property. Signs must be posted near all entrances to the building where the restriction applies.

What should I do if I'm carrying concealed and I'm pulled over by a police officer?

There are some recommended actions you should take when you have contact with a law enforcement officer. Contact can include a traffic stop, situations where you contact an officer or when an officer approaches you for information. If you have a concelaed carry weapon license and you have contact with a law enforcement officer while carrying a concealed weapon, you should do the following:

  • Immediately tell the officer that you’re carrying a concealed weapon and where it is located.
  • Keep your hands where the officer can see them.
  • Cooperate fully with the officer.
  • Don’t make any quick movements, especially toward the weapon.