Safety Programs

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Missing Child Alert

Register Your Phone Number to Receive An Alert if a Janesville Child is Missing

The Janesville Police Department is now working with the A Child is Missing organization to provide a recorded message alert to residents when a child is missing. Interested individuals may register their phone number at the organization’s website ( In the event that a Janesville child or disabled adult is missing, registrants will receive a recorded phone message with information about the missing person. Phone numbers and other information provided to the A Child is Missing organization is kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of alerting citizens of a missing child or adult. The Janesville Police Department encourages all residents to register their phone number to receive this important information. When a child or vulnerable adult is missing, each minute is critical in finding the person. Using the A Child is Missing alert messages is a valuable tool for our community. For questions, visit the A Child is Missing website ( or contact the Janesville Police Department at 755-3100.

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Neighborhood Watch is a residential security program that helps neighbors to organize and work as a group to deal with residential crime problems, and to coordinate their efforts with those of the Police Department. The program emphasizes the importance of residents being alert to criminal or suspicious activities in their own neighborhood, and exercising good crime-reporting techniques in relaying information to the police. Contact the Police Department at (608) 755-3134  for information on how to organize a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area.

Student Officer Program

The Police Department has a Police School Liaison Officer at each of the high schools and a School Resource Officer in each of our three middle schools. These officers serve as a law enforcement officer, referral agent, educational assistant, and listener/counselor for school staff and students. If you have a question regarding this program, you may contact the respective Officer during the school year at the phone number listed below.


 School    Officer  Phone Number
 Craig High School    Officer Foster  (608)743-5213
 Parker High School  Officer Bailey  (608)743-5674
 Edison Middle School  Officer Stutika  (608)743-5916
 Franklin Middle School  Officer Punzel  (608)743-6107
 Marshall Middle School  Officer Olin  (608)743-6216

McGruff Safe House

A McGruff Safe House is a house where a child encountering an emergency or a threatening situation on the way to or from school can go for help. McGruff window signs identify the safe houses. Contact the Police Department at (608) 755-3133 for information on how to become a McGruff Safe House volunteer.