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Property Maintenance

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Please see the chart below to determine who you should call.    

 Contact This Department For These Complaints 

City Attorney's Office

Worthless checks

City Services Center

Snow removal & shoveling; tree cutting & trimming; weed cutting; tall grass or lawn maintenance; junk, trash and debris on public property

Building and Development Services Department

Construction sites; sign codes; zoning violations

Engineering Division

Sidewalk maintenance; vision triangles

Fire Department

Fire code violations

Police Department

Animal complaints; litter; noise; traffic & parking violations; trucks on the street; vandalism; vehicles - abandoned, inoperable, unlicensed if parked on public right-of-way; abandoned or unsecured buildings (after hours)

Rock County Health Department

Unsanitary conditions or health hazards

Neighborhood & Community Services  See below

Neighborhood and Community Services addresses complaints and concerns from citizens regarding the conditions of residential buildings, housing units, and exterior property conditions (trash, debris, junk vehicles, etc.).To register a complaint, please call 608-755-3065. Unlicensed/inoperable vehicles and trash/debris complaints on residential properties can also be reported online by clicking here

Complaints involving life safety issues are given the highest priority, and are responded to on the same day or the next day.  Housing complaints involving interior inspections are given priority over exterior property condition complaints.  Regardless of the nature of the complaint, inspectors are generally able to investigate all complaints within a 7-10 day time frame. 

A written "Order to Correct" is sent to a property owner explaining the existing violations and giving a deadline for correction of these violations.  Trash and debris violations as well as parking violations and illegal home occupation require correction in 7 days.  Junk vehicles and abandoned vehicles must be addressed within 10 days.  Interior housing violations, not involving life safety, must be corrected within 30 days.  Failure to comply with the orders results in reinspection fees, possibly abatement and corresponding fees and, if necessary, referral to the City Attorney's office for prosecution.