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Fire Department FAQs

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How do I arrange a visit/tour of a fire station?

Call the Captain at 303 Milton Avenue at 608-373-3435 (7:00 am - 4:30 pm, seven days a week) to make these arrangements.

How do I arrange for a Fire Department representative to speak at my class or organization?

Call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 755-3056. A variety of topics such as evacuation planning, resuscitation demonstrations, and fire safety are available free of charge.

May I receive permission to have a fire outside?

The Fire Department will issue burn permits for ceremonial or recreational uses if adequate safety precautions are taken. Permits are not issued for burning brush, stumps, leaves or debris. Submit your request in writing to: Fire Marshal; 303 Milton Avenue; Janesville, WI 53545. Please state the date, time, duration, purpose and supervision & safety precautions that are planned.

Where can I receive my fire extinguishers serviced?

Look in the telephone book yellow pages under "Fire Extinguishers."

What do I do when my smoke detector chirps?

The battery is probably low and needs to be changed, or the detector may be worn out or faulty and in need of replacement. Batteries should be replaced annually and the detectors should be replaced every ten years.

What are some things I should stress to my kids regarding fire prevention?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends a three pronged approach to ensuring that all children and adults are able to safely escape a home fire; planning an escape, maintaining smoke alarms, and practicing over-all preparation. Parents should draw floor plans illustrating all of their home’s escape routes to their children and establish a family meeting place in front of the home. All children should know escape route options and the meeting place. Each floor and bedroom should have a working smoke detector. Parents can practice emergency preparation by keeping all exits and stairways free of clutter, teaching their children how to unlock all windows and doors, and ensuring that all family members know to call 911 in the event of a home fire. Emergency preparation will help families successfully use their planned escape in the event a smoke detector alerts a family to a fire. For more information, visit or call the Janesville Fire Prevention Office at 755-3056.

How do I request someone to check a fire/safety problem for me?

Call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 608-755-3056.

How do I receive a copy of an ambulance/paramedic report?

Proper identification is required to release an ambulance report. You must be the patient or have obtained the patient's written permission before we can make the copy. Usually the patient, in person, makes these requests (bring your driver's license for ID).

Why does a fire engine come when I call for an ambulance?

Sometimes an engine is closer to you and can be there first. A fire engine is also sent with an ambulance if extra help with the patient at the scene is needed. Firefighters are trained as emergency medical technicians and engines frequently carry paramedics to provide care to patients.

Why is there also an ambulance at the scene of a fire?

The Fire Department sends the ambulance in case someone needs medical care at the scene and to give extra help for the engine crew to fight the fire. All paramedics are trained and work as firefighters when needed.

What should I do if I think someone is having a heart attack?

Call 911 immediately and report that someone is having a heart attack. Be prepared to answer several questions by the 911 center as this helps them send the appropriate care to the correct location. The 911 center will send help while they are still talking with you. Persons experiencing a cardiac event should not attempt to drive themselves to the hospital. Do not drive the person yourself to a hospital or care center as the ambulance will both travel faster and carry much of the necessary emergency equipment on board to begin treatment as soon as it arrives.

Am I going to receive a bill?

Bills are not usually sent for fires, rescues, hazardous conditions, etc. However, you will generally receive a bill for ambulance care. Cost varies depending on residency and location of the incident. Businesses are sometimes billed for false alarms and hazardous materials incidents. We also may bill for a motor vehicle accident.  Bills are generated once each month except ambulance bills, which are posted weekly by an outside billing company.

I received a bill, but I have a question about it. Whom do I talk to?

For questions about the appropriateness of an ambulance bill, or about payment or processing of ambulance bills, call Andres Medical Billing, Ltd., at 1-800-244-2345. Make payment for ambulance service to Andres Medical Billing, Ltd., at PO Box 457, Wheeling, IL 60090.  

For billing questions other than ambulance bills, please contact the Fire Department Administrative Offices at 608-755-3050.

Where can I receive another copy of my ambulance bill?

Contact Andres Medical Billing, Ltd., at 1-800-244-2345.

How do I receive a copy of a fire report?

You can request fire report copies in person, by phone (608-755-3050), fax (608-373-3438) or mail without charge for a single copy. Please include the date and address of the incident with your request.