Citizens Board of Review

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The Citizens Board of Review is a board of five City residents who annually hold a formal public hearing to review property owners' objections regarding property assessments. The board listens to testimony from the Assessor's Office and the property owner to determine if adjustments to property assessments are appropriate.

Desirable Characteristics and Qualifications for Committee Members (per staff liaison)

  • Ability to attend state-mandated training prior to working on the Board of Review.
  • Ability to understand complex mathematical equations.
  • Ability to meet for up to eight hours a day, including nights and weekends.
  • Willingness to recognize conflicts of interest and recuse oneself from the proceedings.
  • Knowledge of local real estate market.
  • Understanding of the statutes that govern the Board of Review following training.
  • Applicants from real estate, mortgage banking, developing, and property management fields are desirable.
Number of Members  5 Citizen Members

James Burns

Edward Chady

Edwin James

Thomas Parsons

Phillip Yoss

Eileen Contreras, Alternate #1

Nicole Pecku, Alternate #2

Term of Office 5 years
Commencement of Term First Monday of May each year 
Appointment by Whom
  • Citizen Members by City Manager
  • The City Manager will take into consideration  the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Appointments when appointing
    citizen members to this committee.
Approval or Confirmation by Common Council
Residency Requirements of Citizen Members Charter Ordinance Chapter 2.20 requires residency of members. 
Duties and Responsibilities WI State Statute Section 70.47. To hear appeals of individual taxpayers on their assessments.
To What Authority Do They Report Highest Authority
When Meetings are Held As required by WI State Statute Section 70.47 during the 30 day period beginning on the 2nd Monday in May
Who Calls Meetings City Clerk
Responsibility for Minutes City Clerk
Location of Filed Minutes Clerk-Treasurer's Office