Courts and Cases

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Court Appearances

If you cannot appear on your original court date, you may request a continuance or enter a "not guilty" plea prior to your assigned court date by providing a written request to the Clerk of Courts for Rock County Circuit Court. Trial dates are assigned by the Rock County Circuit Court. The City Attorney's Office does not set court dates nor routinely request continuances. A privately retained attorney may appear on your assigned court date and time and request a continuance on your behalf. You should copy the City Attorney's Office with your request to the Court. The back of your citation provides detailed information.

The judge makes decisions on contested matters after a hearing that will include evidence and testimony from the police officer, other witnesses, you and any other evidence that may be presented. If you are found guilty, a forfeiture will be the most likely penalty. In some cases, other penalties may be assessed. In addition to a forfeiture that may be imposed, trials can result in additional costs such as witness fees.

Closed Cases

The City Attorney's Office cannot discuss closed cases or provide information related to the reopening of dispositions.

The Rock County Clerk of Courts maintains all court records. Some information is available through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access program.


The City Attorney's Office cannot grant extensions or arrange payment plans for forfeitures imposed by the Rock County Circuit Court on City of Janesville cases. The Rock County Clerk of Circuit Court's Office does offer payment plans on City of Janesville traffic matters only. For additional information contact the Court Collections Officer in person or at (608) 743-2216. Forfeitures are paid at the Clerk's Office at the Rock County Courthouse and not at the City Attorney's Office. Forfeitures can be paid at the Janesville Police Department prior to your initial appearance.

Witnesses/Subpoenas to Appear in City Cases

If you have received a subpoena to appear as a witness in a City of Janesville case, please call our office to speak to the Assistant City Attorney. Your responsibility in the matter will be explained to you. You should also check back the day before the trial to make sure that the case has not been settled and that your appearance is still required. We attempt to contact witnesses when trials are cancelled, but sometimes this happens very shortly before the trial.