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Strategic Planning & Decision-Making

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Summary of Services

Office Hours  7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.,
Monday through Friday
Location City Hall,
18 N. Jackson Street,
Fourth Floor
Telephone (608) 755-3103
Fax (608) 755-3196
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Meet the


Maggie Darr

Assistant to the City Manager

The City Manager's Office is organized to include a Manager's Initiatives Group (MIG) to execute many of the day-to-day activities necessary to lead the organization now and into the future.

The MIG consists of two primary functions:

The MIG functions under direction of the City Manager and is responsible for developing and executing analytically-driven, high-impact products that improve the strategic direction and long-range planning of the City and facilitate the decision-making processes for its leaders.

The Strategic Planning and Decision Making portion of the MIG is staffed by the Assistant to the City Manager and a part-time Management Intern. The MIG's ultimate goal is to facilitate the decision-making processes utilized by the City Council, staff, and, stakeholders to lead our community. The MIG leads the City’s strategic planning effort and maintains a long-range planning calendar to aid cross-departmental coordination. Additionally, the MIG coordinates the City Council meeting agenda and City Report; oversees the Committee appointment process; and assists in the annual budget development process. Other functions include:

  • Identifying opportunities for process improvement
  • Change management
  • Managing Citywide and cross-departmental projects
  • Preparing responses to City Council, staff, or citizen questions and inquiries
  • Completing special projects, as assigned