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Contact the City Council

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Councilmembers are elected at large, thus representing residents in the whole city. To send an e-mail to the entire Council at one time, please use the email address To send an email to an individual Councilmember, please view the table below to find to the correct e-mail address. 

If you would like to send a letter to one or all of the Councilmembers, you may send it to the following address: City Council; City Hall; Post Office Box 5005; Janesville, WI, 53547-5005.

Please Note: All e-mails or written communication received by the City of Janesville or City Councilmembers are public documents and public records, and are subject to disclosure to the public. The City Council uses City of Janesville e-mail addresses which are linked to the City network, allowing all councilmember e-mail correspondence to be archived and stored automatically as a public record. The e-mails will only be accessed upon request in compliance with state and federal Open Records laws.

 Name City-issued Phone (608)  Cell Phone (608)  Email Address Term(s)
Sue Conley, Council President   373-6013 2017-2021
Tom Wolfe, Council Vice President 373-6015 2017 - 2021
Paul Benson  373-6012  352-8010 2019 - 2022
Jim Farrell 373-6017 289-9407 2012 - 2015; 2017 - 2021 
Susan Johnson 373-6014 2020-2022
Douglas Marklein 373-6016  436-1428 2013 - 2021 
Paul Williams 373-6011 751-6979

2000 - 2007; 2016 - 2022