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Automated Collection Cart Information
Janesville Public Works is happy to report that the transition from manual to automated collection in April of 2013 for trash and recyclables has been a success! 

All residents receiving curbside collection from the City of Janesville are assigned two carts, one with a blue lid for trash and one with a grey lid for recyclables.  Residents should place their trash and recycle carts for collection on the curbline spaced at least 3 feet apart and away from any obstacles and overhead obstructions (trees, mailboxes, vehicles, etc.) on their normally scheduled collection day.

I am moving into a newly constructed home.  How do I obtain trash and recycling carts?Newly constructed residences and new businesses will be charged a prorated fee for their initial trash cart fee for their initial trash cart.  Recycling carts are provided at no cost.   

Effective in 2014, a prorated trash cart fee will be charged for new construction and businesses for their initial trash cart as follows:

                        Year                    Fee Per Initial Trash Cart

                        2014                                        $5          

                        2015                                        $10    

                        2016                                        $15    

                        2017                                        $20      

                        2018                                        $25   

                        2019                                        $30    

                        2020                                        $35    

                        2021                                        $40       

                        2022                                        $45

                        After 2022, the trash cart fee will be $50.

Exchanges or additional cart assignments may be completed in-person at City Services located at 2200 N. Highway 51, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm at no charge.  If the City performs a delivery or exchange, there is a $15 service fee per trip.  Arrangements can be made by calling City Services at 755-3110.

Can I take the carts with me if I move?
No. The carts are an asset of the City’s collection system, just like the collection vehicles, and must remain at the address to which they were issued. photo of cart

What is the policy for damaged or stolen carts?
Cascade Cart Solutions provides a ten year warranty covering all aspects of the cart. If your cart is damaged, please call the City Services Center at 755-3110. A staff member will be sent to your residence to fix or replace your cart. This service is provided free of charge if the damage occurred during regular use.

If your cart is stolen, you will need to file a report with the Police Department by using their online minor incident report form or by calling 755-3100; then, contact City Services at 755-3110 and a new cart will be brought to you.

What may I put in my recycling cart?
The following items may be placed in your recycling cart: Aluminum Cans; Aluminum Foil & Pie Tins; Cardboard; Cereal Boxes& Paper Towel Rolls; Glass Jars & Bottles; Junk Mail; Plastic Bottles & Containers 1-7; Magazines & Catalogs; Newspaper & Inserts; Office Paper & File Folders; Paper Bags; Plastic shopping bags; Telephone Books; and Tin or Steel Cans. This information is also displayed on the lid of your recycling cart.

What may I NOT place in my recycling cart?
The following items may NOT be placed in your recycling cart: Bubble Wrap; Ceramics or Dishes; Electronics; Foam Packaging Peanuts; Food Waste; Hazardous Waste Containers; Light Bulbs, Window Glass or Mirrors; Motor Oil Containers; Pizza Boxes; Syringes or Medical Waste; or Yard Waste. This information is also displayed on the lid of your recycling cart.

How will the City keep track of the carts?
Each cart has a serial number and electronic ID tag linked to the address receiving the cart. This will help the city make warranty claims. The carts will also have the City of Janesville logo stamped on the side. The city also is considering installing sensors on collection vehicles to read the electronic ID tags. The collected information could be used to calculate recycling participation rates and to find carts moved from assigned addresses.

Where should I store my carts?
The best place to store your cart is in an indoor covered area like a garage or shed. Containers may also be stored outdoors to the side or rear of the house. Containers cannot be placed at the curb for collection prior to 24 hours before your scheduled collection day, and must be removed from the curb by the end of your scheduled collection day.

Is there a charge for an additional trash or recycling cart?
You can receive an additional recycling cart at no cost, provided you are first using a 95-gallon recycling cart. These carts must remain at the residence if you move. Additional trash carts can be purchased through the City (current cost is approximately $50.00 each) provided you are first using a 95-gallon trash cart. Any purchased carts are the property of the resident. The cost of any post-warranty repair work on a purchased cart would be charged to the resident, plus service fees.

Are these carts animal proof? Will they blow over easily?
The carts are designed to reduce opportunities for animals to get into your trash and recyclables and are made to withstand inclement weather. They are very sturdy and you should not have problems with the carts blowing over.

How should I care for my cart?
Periodically cleaning the inside and outside of your cart with water will help keep in looking nice and eliminate odor. A garden hose with sprayer attachment works well for this. Also, before placing any ashes or coals inside the trash cart, make sure they are completely cool to avoid damaging the cart. Please note, under no circumstance should the carts be defaced by the use of markers, stickers or paint.

Last updated: 8/5/2014 10:21:40 AM