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Spring Yard Waste Collection for May 4 - 8, 2015

The City will collect bagged yard waste and bundled brush on the same day as your regular garbage pickup the week of May 4 – 8. Grass, leaves, and garden debris will be collected in paper biodegradable bags (preferred), reusable containers up to 35 gallons in size, or plastic bags. Bags or containers must each weigh less than 50 pounds. If plastic bags are used, residents are asked to leave the bags untied/unsecured. Brush should be in bundles that are no larger than four feet in length, no more than 12 inches in diameter, and no heavier than 50 pounds. Size limits are necessary so bundles can fit into collection trucks. Please place the bags and/or bundles at the curb, a few feet from your trash cart, by 7:00 AM on the morning of your scheduled collection day.

Other Yard Waste Disposal Options:
• Use as mulch or leave grass clippings on lawn.
• Home compost or deposit at the City compost site (Janesville residents only).
• Deliver stumps, brush, branches, roots, and shrubs to demolition landfill for a fee of $5.50/cubic yard (Janesville residents) or $7.00/cubic yard (non-residents).

General Yard Waste Collection Information

The City of Janesville collects grass, leaves, and garden debris placed in containers and bundled brush at the curb for one week during the first full week in May each spring, and for a full week after Thanksgiving. During these two weeks, the City of Janesville will collect yard waste at the curb on the same day your regular trash is collected. The City also collects leaves raked loosely into street gutters over two weeks every fall. Please watch this Web site for announcements on the next yard waste collections. At all other times, please take yard waste to the city's compost site.

Loose Leaf Collection Tips

City code prohibits burning trash, grass or leaves within Janesville city limits. Also, please watch for children who may be playing in raked leaves. Please do not park your vehicle over dry leaves. When a vehicle?s catalytic converter gets hot, it can ignite leaves. Cars should remain off the street the day of pick up, as crews won?t be able to gather leaves with vehicles in the way. Crews will only be on each street once over the course of pick up. It is recommended leaves be mulched and piled into the street or raked away from the gutter to keep leaves from moving back to the terrace as crews come by.

Bagged Yard Waste Collection Tips

Bundle brush and place grass, leaves, garden and other yard waste in containers. Set bundles and containers a few feet apart from trash at the curb by 7AM on regular trash day during special yard waste collection weeks only. Weather and volumes of yard waste affect how fast leaves are collected. Crews work extra hours during leaf and yard waste collection. Separate trucks collect trash, yard waste and recyclables. For more information, please call City Services Center.

Bundle brush no larger than 4 feet in length, 12 inches in diameter and no heavier than 50 pounds. Size limits are necessary so bundles can fit into collection trucks.

Plastic Bags
Plastic bags for yard waste will be accepted. However, crews ask that you leave plastic bags untied at the curb. The City recommends using biodegradable paper bags, available at area stores, or reusable containers like plastic trash cans. They are much sturdier and help increase collection efficiency and safety.

Other Yard Waste Disposal Options

  • Use as mulch or leave grass clippings on lawn
  • Home compost or deposit at the City compost site (Free of charge for Janesville residents only)
  • Deliver stumps, brush, branches, roots, and shrubs to demolition landfill.

Burning Prohibited

City Code prohibits burning of trash, grass, or leaves within the City of Janesville limits.

Reminder Regarding Sanitary Landfill Drop-Off

City ordinance 8.64.180 requires that all individuals must cover their waste and debris during transportation to Rock County/City of Janesville sanitary landfill. Persons may enclose their refuse or use a tarp to ensure waste does not leave their vehicle. Individuals are not required to cover brush or tree limbs being transported to the demolition landfill. It is the responsibility of the hauler to retrieve any and all items that fall out of his or her vehicle during transport. Failure to retrieve such items is a violation of City ordinance.

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, and Greenery

For information on disposal of Christmas Trees and other holiday waste click here.

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