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The Planning and Building & Development Services Divisions of Public Works assign new street numbers.  Please contact these divisions at 755-3085 if you have any questions.

Street Location

The Engineering Division or the Planning and Building & Development Services Divisions of Public Works can help in locating existing or new city streets.  You may purchase city maps identifying all Janesville streets in the Engineering or Clerk's Offices.

Storm Sewer Maintenance

You may refer any street flooding problems to the Operations Department at 755-3110.  Also, if you are aware of any dumping of soapy water, chemicals, paint, gasoline, etc., into the storm sewer, please contact the Operations Department.


The terrace is the grassy land between the back of curb and a property line.  Maintenance of the terrace area (including any trees in the terrace) is the responsibility of the abutting landowner.  Sidewalks are typically placed within the terrace, one foot from the property line.  The width of city terrace areas will vary from street to street.  You can obtain information on the width of a specific terrace from the Engineering Division at 755-3160 or the Planning and Building & Development Services Divisions of Public Works at 755-3085.

Street Closing Permits

Contact the Police Department during business hours for information.

Property Corners and Lines

The City helps residents locate their property stakes by furnishing a lot map with dimensions and information on where the corner property stakes should be located.  Contact the Engineering Division at 755-3160 with the address of the property.

Property line information contained in City Hall is available upon request, including maps, monument locations, lot dimensions, terrace widths, right-of-way, and easement information. Engineering staff can answer questions and give instructions to help you find your lot lines, but staff cannot survey your property.  The City recommends using private surveyors if you are unable to find your property lines.

Lot Size

The Engineering Division can answer questions on lot size and dimensions.

Who is responsible for planting or removing trees on city street terraces?

The adjacent property owner is responsible for the maintenance and care of city street terraces, including tree selection, tree planting, tree maintenance, and tree removal (as defined in City Ordinance 12.32.010).  Care and maintenance the owner is responsible for includes pruning tree limbs to a height of 15 feet above the city street and 7 feet above the sidewalk.  Trees and vegetation must be kept 25 feet back from the intersections to provide a safe line of vision in that intersection.

How do I report a low hanging tree?

Trees must be 7 feet over the sidewalk and 15 feet over the street.  Contact City Services at 755-3110 to report violations.  The owner will be notified to trim the tree.  If the owner does not comply, the City will trim the tree and bill the owner.

Last updated: 9/17/2014 3:52:06 PM