Golf Course Advisory Committee

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The Golf Course Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations on public golf course operations and solicits public comments and opinion into improving the golf courses. The committee also reviews and evaluates what capital improvements are necessary and makes recommendations on such to the City Council.

Desirable Characteristics and Qualifications for Committee Members (per staff liaison)

  • Interest in golf and use of the City’s golf facilities
Number of Members  6 citizen members

Bob Barry

Jim Hokinson

Kenneth Pizzurro

Donald Prestia

Jerry Rabbach 

David Malchow-Davis, Alternate                       

Term of Office 3 years
Commencement of Term First Monday of May each year
Appointment by Whom City Council President
Approval or Confirmation by Common Council
Residency Requirements of Citizen Members  Council Policy 86 indicates preference for residents, non-residents that own a business in Janesville or non-residents that own property in Janesville, but non-residents may be appointed. In addition, no more than 30% of the committee's membership may be non-residents. 
Duties and Responsibilities To increase play through future improvements, planning, operations and policies; to submit recommendations to the Administration and/or the City Council; and to represent and express the viewpoints of the golfing community.
To What Authority Do They Report Council President and City Manager
When Meetings are Held 2017 schedule to be determined
Who Calls Meetings Chairperson
Responsibility for Minutes Parks Division
Location of Filed Minutes Parks Division