Business Personal Property

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Statement of Personal Property
Every person, firm or corporation conducting business within the City of Janesville who has operating assets located in the City of Janesville on January 1 must file a properly completed and signed Statement of Personal Property with the City of Janesville Assessor’s Office each year on or before March 1st as required by Wisconsin State Statutes.

A blank Statement of Personal Property will be mailed by the Assessor’s office to each business owner on approximately January 1 of every year.
New Businesses
If you are a new business that has assets located within the City of Janesville on January 1, 2019, please go to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website and print and complete the 2019 Statement of Personal Property once they have released it in late 2018. The Assessor's office will create a new Personal Property account for you upon receipt of the completed form.  You will be notified of your new account number when the 2019 Notice of Assessment Change letters are mailed in late spring of 2019. 

Discontinued, Sold or Moved Businesses
If you are no longer in business as of January 1, you must do the following to insure your removal from the 2019 Assessment Roll:

Complete the appropriate areas on the front page of the Statement of Personal Property stating the business is no longer open, the date the business closed, your current mailing address, and the new owner information (if applicable) OR a letter stating the same.

NOTE:  The 2019 Statement of Personal Property will not be released by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue until late 2018.  Until the form is released, please use the second option to notify our office if your business has closed, changed ownership, or is no longer located in the City of Janesville.


  • Businesses that fail to file a Statement of Personal Property are subject to penalty and forfeit their right to appear before the Board of Review to contest their assessment. Completed Statement of Personal Property forms are confidential by Wisconsin State Statute and are not available for public inspection.
  • The majority of businesses have signs.  If you have a sign, and do not list it as an asset on Schedule H of the Statement of Personal Property, the Assessor's office is required to include an estimate of the sign’s value in your personal property assessment.