Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)


The ZBA is a five-member Board with two alternate members that reviews requests to vary or modify standards in the zoning ordinance. Building Services serves as staff to the ZBA.
Number of Members  7 Members:
Citizen Members (5)
Alternates (2)

Jason Brown

Lonnie Coppernoll

Quentin Mayberry

Jennifer Schroeder

Kathleen Schulz

Mark Helgestad, Alternate #1

David Jackson, Alternate #2

Term of Office 3 years
Commencement of Term First Monday of May each year 
Appointment by Whom

City Manager (also appoints Chairperson with no confirmation)


The City Manager will take into consideration
the recommendations of the Advisory
Committee on Appointments when appointing
citizen members to this committee.

Approval or Confirmation by Common Council
Residency Requirements of Citizen Members  Charter Ordinance Chapter 2.20 requires residency of members.
Duties and Responsibilities WI State Statute 62.23(7)(e)(7). Decide appeals from City Zoning Ordinance.
To What Authority Do They Report Highest Authority
When Meetings are Held Fourth Tuesday of each month (if no business, notified) and on call.
Who Calls Meetings Chairperson
Responsibility for Minutes Board Secretary
Location of Filed Minutes Building & Development Services Division