Historic Commission

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The seven-member commission was created in 1981 by the City Council as part of the revision of the zoning ordinance. Members are residents of Janesville who represent a cross-section of the city's population and demonstrate an interest in historic preservation. The commission reviews National Register nominations and promotes historic preservation awareness.
Number of Members  7 Citizen Members

Mark Bobzien

Maryam Enterline

Jason Klingaman 

Timothy Maahs

Andrew Udell

Jackie Wood

Charles Ziehn

Term of Office 3 years
Commencement of Term First Monday of May each year 
Appointment by Whom

Council President


The Council President will take into consideration  the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Appointments when appointing
citizen members to this committee.

Approval or Confirmation by Common Council
Residency Requirements of Citizen Members  Council Policy 86 indicates preference for residents, non-residents that own a business in Janesville or non-residents that own property in Janesville, but non-residents may be appointed. In addition, no more than 30% of the committee's membership may be non-residents. 
Duties and Responsibilities Refer Zoning Code (City Ord. Chapter 18)  Historic Overlay District 18.36.070. Advise  City Manager and City Council on historic  matters.
To What Authority Do They Report Through City Manager to City Council
When Meetings are Held As business may require (usually first and third Monday each month)
Who Calls Meetings Chairperson
Responsibility for Minutes Secretary of Commission
Location of Filed Minutes Planning Division