Licenses & Permits


Bicycle License

All bicycles in the City of Janesville are required to have a license. You may obtain a bicycle license at the Clerk-Treasurer's office for a cost of $5.00 as of January 1, 2017. The license is good for as long as you own the bicycle. Information needed for the license includes: owner's name, address and phone number, the bicycle make, color, tire size, and serial number.

Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and Death Certificates can be obtained at the Rock County Courthouse Register of Deeds Office at 51 South Main Street. For more information, please call (608) 757-5650.

Driver's License & Vehicle Registration

State of Wisconsin, Department of Motor Vehicles (800) 924-3570, The Motor Vehicle Department has an office at 645 South Wright Road in Janesville and at 2711 Prairie Avenue in Beloit.

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses can be obtained at the Rock County Courthouse Clerk's Office at 51 South Main Street. For further information, call (608) 757-5660.

Operator's (Bartender's) License

To apply for a license, applicants must take the Responsible Beverage Servers course at Blackhawk Technical College or other Wisconsin Department of Revenue approved course, fill out an application form and pay the fee at the City Clerk-Treasurer's Office. For more information, contact the City Clerk-Treasurer at (608) 755-3073.

Click here for the Bartender License application form. Click here for a link to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's list of Responsible Beverage Server training courses approved for certification in the state.

Pet Licenses 

Click here for information about dog and cat licensing.

Other Licenses

The City also requires licenses for the following: taxi cab companies and drivers, electricians, sign erectors, junk dealers, second hand dealers, waste haulers, massage therapists and establishments, theaters, amusement centers, roller skating rinks, ice rinks, bowling alleys, fireworks stands, solicitors, cabaret, miniature golf, and the sale of food, cigarettes, liquor and fermented malt beverages.  Please contact the City Clerk-Treasurer's Office at 755-3070 for more information.