Peer Community Financial Analysis

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The City of Janesville prides itself on providing quality services at a great value to our residents. The value residents receive for City services is best illustrated by data published by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance for 2014. Let's see how the City of Janesville stacks up against fourteen peer communities!

Peer City Financial Analysis - Exp 2013

In 2014, Janesville's per capita spending on general government; street maintenance; fire and ambulance; and law enforcement services all rank within the bottom three of our peer communities. When combined, the City spends the lowest amount on these basic services among peer communities. Also, Janesville's per capita spending on all government operations is the second lowest among peer communities.

#1 - Property Taxes

TAX -2013 TAX RATE -2013

The City of Janesville has been a fiscally-responsible steward of taxpayer dollars with the fourth lowest property taxes per capita and the third lowest property tax rate among our peer communities. 

#2 - State Shared Revenue

SSR -2013The City of Janesville receives the third lowest state shared revenue per capita among our peer communities. It begs the question of why Janesville receives only $79 per resident in state shared revenue and comparably-sized cities like Oshkosh, Eau Claire, and West Allis receive an average of $140 per resident, or 76% more than Janesville.

#3 - Property Taxes and State Shared Revenue (combined)

COMBO - 2013

The City of Janesville receives the lowest combined property taxes and state shared revenue per capita among our peer communities. Property taxes and state shared revenue are inversely related, meaning communities who receive greater state shared revenue can afford to have lower property taxes while communities who receive little state shared revenue often have higher property taxes to make up the difference. In spite of receiving little state shared revenue, Janesville's ability to keep property taxes relatively low compared to our peer communities is truly a testament to the great value residents receive for quality City services!

If you have any questions or want additional information, please contact Maggie Darr, Assistant to the City Manager at 755-3103.