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Public Test of Voting Equipment

  • Date: 10/31/2017 2:00 pm
  • Location: City Hall First Floor Conference Room

Programming is verified by feeding a set of pre-marked ballots, or test deck, into the machine and reviewing the results tape that is generated at the end of this process.  The test deck should include ballots with votes for all candidates and contests on the ballot.  It is recommended that the test deck used for the public test differ from the test deck used by the programmer so that errors in programming do not remain undetected.  Vote totals for each candidate in a contest should differ so that votes transposed between candidates in a contest can be detected.

The exercise ensures that paper ballots are able to be read by the optical scan voting equipment, all ballot contests are tabulating properly, voters are not allowed to exceed the maximum number of choices per contest, write-in votes are properly identified and that touchscreen voting equipment is programmed to capture voter intent.  An errorless count is required at the conclusion of the process and any anomalies identified in this testing must be remedied before the equipment can be approved by the clerk for use in the election.  Wis. Stats. - 5.84(1)

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