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Janesville Senior Center Paranormal Activity

The Society for Anomalous Studies (SAS), a Paranormal Research and Investigation Cooperative will be helping the Janesville Senior Activity Center with a fundraiser. The fundraiser will give the public an opportunity to be a part of a real paranormal investigation guided by SAS team members through the Janesville Senior Center which was built in 1902. The building is a Historic Carnegie Library. This event gives participants the opportunity to experience a real life, hands on paranormal investigation. Participants will be able to learn unique ghost hunting techniques and be able to use equipment from SAS’s large collection, including IR video cameras, EMF meters, audio recorders, spirit boxes and more. The investigation is at the Senior Center on Saturday, August 12 from 8 p.m. – 1 a.m. There is a ticket fee of $40 for Senior Center Members or $50 for Non-members. Additional tickets are available for the Reveal Presentation and Dinner where SAS will present any evidence captured in the building during the investigation. The presentation and dinner is on Friday, October 13. Tickets for the dinner are $10 for Senior Center Members and $15 for Non-members. Tickets are limited, please buy them at the Janesville Senior Center (69 S. Water St.) or call (608) 755-3040.
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